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Adaptogens have been all the rage in the wellness world recently, and it is a trend I am totally here for. They have been known to raise sex drive, lower anxiety, and even improve brain function. I’ve been taking adaptogens for over a year and on the days that I don’t take them, I absolutely notice the lack of balance in my body.

  1. Most adaptogens can be used alone, but they also can be blended together. Something to note is that you should understand their purposes before incorporating them into your daily routine! Some herbs can cancel each other out if they are opposites (stimulating vs sleep promoting).
  2. The majority of herbs can be used safely for extended periods of time, but herbalists will encourage you to swap our your adaptogens. I do this by mixing up my daily intake amount (sometimes less than recommended) or by mixing up the combinations completely! I never have the same things every day, but other people prefer to switch them out every few months.
  3. Please check with your doctor before adding in any new herbs, as they could interact with medications!

Want to make this Warm Honey-Turmeric WaterIt’s easy!
In a blender combine 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp turmeric, warm water, the juice of 1/2 of a lemon, and honey to taste! Finally, add whatever adaptogens you want and then blend for 30 seconds. Drink up!





Adaptogens are healing plants. To be considered an adaptogen, the herb must be non-toxic, and bring balance and restoration to the body. Adaptogens help you respond to stressors specifically and aid in physiological functions. They literally “adapt” to what your body needs them for. Naturopath Edward Wallace, says that adaptogens can normalize the body and that they have no specific action. They simply enhance general health and performance.

My two favorite ways to take them are in smoothies or my morning matcha!



Milk Thistle – Supports the liver and cardiovascular health; “Milk thistle is shown to decrease, or even reverse, damage to the liver that’s been caused by prescription medications, antibiotics, pollution, heavy metals and so on.” – Dr. Axe

Ashwagandha – According to Deepak Chopra, Ashwagandha helps alleviate symptoms of stress, fatigue, lack of energy, and concentration. Dr. Axe discusses how it helps heal adrenal fatigue, reduces anxiety and depression, and boosts immunity.

Rhodiola – Improves brain function, burns belly fat, and increases energy and athletic performance

He Sou Wu – Supports the lower back and knees, helps maintain a high sex drive, supports ova health in women, promotes hair health, and calms the nervous system.

Marshmallow Root – Treats the inflammation of the mucus membranes and stomach lining. Helps with urinary tract inflammation as well


The two places that I love are SunPotion and Mountain Rose Herbs –

I get what I can from MRH because they are in bulk and wholesale prices, but they don’t sell He Shou Wu so I purchase that from SunPotion!

I’ve also heard that Moon Juice makes great “dusts” which are adaptogenic blends but I can’t speak to a personal experience with those!


What is your personal experience with adaptogens? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!



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