How Cycle Syncing Relieved My Cramps and PMS

As I moseyed through the aisles of Whole Foods today, I found myself being drawn to certain foods. I loaded my cart up with some sexy sweet potatoes, fondled some peaches, started fantasizing about collard greens, and saw some daikon radishes that nearly inspired an orgasm. I was watering at the mouth, dreaming of the yummy things I would cook up over the next week.

But then I paused.

You see, I’ve been cycle syncing, and I’m going to need to interrupt myself to explain to you what that means before I proceed with my short grocery store erotica story (working title).

What is Cycle Syncing? 

Woman Code was written my Alisa Vitti, who is a Holistic Health Coach (and an alumni of IIN – where I’m currently in school!! cool!!! small world y’all!!!!!). She had PCOS which led her on a wild journey of healing her body. No doctors had any answers for her, so she had to figure them out herself, because PCOS is considered incurable (ha!). Vitti healed her body and then started working with all of these women who were struggling with hormone related issues and (in more or less words) were like “wtf is happening to my body, please help me fix it.”

Vitti came to the conclusion that essentially we all function similarly. Our hormones are supposed to do certain things at specific times of the month (different phases throughout your monthly cycle), and the only way your body can do all of the things it needs to do, is if you are supporting it through this process.

Through your lifestyle and eating habits, you can ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to have a healthy cycle, which in turn will reduce your cramps, PMS, infertility, PCOS, and/ or any current and (potential) future issues.

Vitti explains all of this in her book which I will plug every single day to every single woman (and man, because it has helped my relationship SO much for my boyfriend to understand what the hell goes on with my body) until the day I die so GO. BUY. THIS.

It will truly change your life.

There are 4 phases – menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal.

During each phase:
– You should eat more of certain types of foods (list featured at the bottom of the post)
– There are specific types of exercise that best support where you are in your cycle
– Vitti even discusses the best time to do certain activities, projects, and social events

For example, during your period you should be eating foods with a low GI and water-rich fruits and veggies, as well as sea veggies. Your exercise should be non-existent in the beginning and maybe some yoga or light stretching towards the end. You should spend a lot of that week alone, reflection, and focusing on self care.

Pretty cool right?


I was mind masturbating to all of the yummy bowls of food I’d be whipping up later, when I paused, slightly disappointed, because I realized I needed to check my list and make sure I was getting the right foods to support my luteal phase (the cycle I’m currently in).

When I pulled up my list, I noticed that all of these foods I was so badly craving, were exactly in sync with my phase…

Now, I do not know any of the foods I’m supposed to have from memory. I do not commit it to memory since I always have the reference. And these cravings were the real deal.

It was so so so cool to see my body responding SO positively to the cycle syncing.

Needless to say, I checked out of Whole Foods an incredibly happy girl and had one of the best dinners I’ve ever made.

Note: I don’t only shop or eat according to the list. My philosophy on the food side of cycle syncing is that all of the foods I consume are on that list. Nothing outside of it. And from there, I simply base my meals around the foods that are best for each phase. So I might have a big kale salad during my period because kale has a ton of iron and supports my system, but I might top it with avocado and lemon juice which are technically follicular phase foods. The fact that I’m eating to support my current phase, doesn’t negate the nutrients in the other foods. It just adds to it.

This is working for me –

I used to have bad cramps, terrible PMS, and hormonal acne like crazy, but in the past 2 months (keep in mind it has only been TWO CYCLES for me and it is already working), I’ve noticed a huge change. My face hasn’t broken out nearly as much around my period and on my last period I definitely didn’t have a great first day (I was sluggish, tired – which is actually very normal) but I didn’t have hardly any of the cramps that I usually have.

I’m really excited to continue pursuing this way of eating and living and to see the other positives this brings into my life.

If you have any questions that I didn’t address here, feel free to contact me or DM me on Instagram!


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